Leah Pan

Of Chinese origin but raised in the embrace of Western society, I’m a fusion of contrasting ideals and a passionate advocate for uncovering the true essence of humanity. Giving back to the community has been embedded in my childhood. I’ve shared my talents at my local church, contributing to the music and backstage tech since the early age of 12 and nurturing our environment through active participation in a community garden.

As a full-time acting student, I immerse myself in storytelling to inspire audiences on their journey toward self-improvement. From the age of 13, I embarked on a modelling career that became a quest to explore aesthetics and the profound meaning of beauty. Through this journey, I’ve realised that true beauty resides in authenticity, and I’ve had the privilege of representing top brands in Australia, including The Silver Collective and Mezi Australia.

Additionally, I’ve achieved the remarkable milestone of walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. I invite you to join me in our collective quest for compassion, beauty, and truth. Together, we will bridge worlds and kindle the fires of positive transformation.

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