The First NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant

“Beauty will save the world” ― Fyodor Dostoevsky.

For thousands of years in both the East and West, human’s search for beauty has never come to rest. It is found in all forms: art, literature, music and most especially in nature. The NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant is a celebration of the most natural beauty inherent in the Chinese woman.

Over the centuries, many cultures have sought the true essence of beauty and laid down their own understanding of what it means. Does true beauty have the power to save the hearts and minds of society? Can it uplift the spirits and lend hope to the world? If so, what kind of beauty and what would it entail?

Looking to the West, the celebration of natural beauty in the form of a pageant dates back to as early as the Middle Ages. A young lady is crowned for the important duty of presiding over the May Day festival. In spring and summer all things of nature return to their most perfect state, so is the May Queen chosen for embodying this characteristic. This long tradition has its roots in Ancient Rome and celebrates creation, revival, and new life. The May Queen is a symbol for the return to beauty and purity, wearing a white gown and adorned with flowers, she walks at the front of the parade holding the promise of spring.


The East also has its own ancient past of countless beautiful women, some who are thought to have even shaped Chinese history in their own right. Throughout the dynasties, there became known the famous Four Beauties who are deeply rooted in Chinese culture. These legendary women are known as figures of virtue and talent holding a depth of beauty that possesses ‘beauty of looks’ but also of an even profounder beauty of character and will, which resonates throughout the ages in countless stories.


After centuries of beauty pageants worldwide, the modern understanding of beauty has deviated from traditional values. The NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant aims to revive the tradition of beauty in character and form, discovering young women who represent traditional Chinese women’s gentle and graceful beauty, with the five essential inner virtues—Morality, Righteousness, Propriety, Benevolence, and Faithfulness. These virtues are symbolized on the phoenix crown of the competition.


Over the course of recent epidemics, disasters, global uncertainties and unprecedented challenges, many people have rediscovered the sustaining and healing power of traditional values. As we seek true beauty in its most profound and far-reaching form, we are delighted for you to join us in its search.


We invite you on this journey in search of the answer, and hope that the NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant will carry a light onto your heart and soul.


For the qualifying young ladies we wish the best to your path forward, and hope for this pageant to be the perfect platform for you to spread your wings and soar to the sky, like the magnificent phoenix.


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