The Phoenix Crown

The Phoenix is one of China’s traditional and most sacred animals known as the “King of Birds”. Inspired by the Shen Yun dance piece ‘Phoenix Fairies’, the phoenix crown of the NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant, exclusively dedicated by the Shen Yun Collections, uses light and smooth lines to create magnificent phoenix feathers that showcase the elegance of a phoenix.

The entire crown is in the shape of symmetrical mountains, with a selection of five teardrop-shaped blue gemstones adorning a silver body set with crushed diamonds. Each gemstone is encircled by two layers of silver diamonds, each echoed by a small teardrop sapphire at the top, creating a graceful phoenix plume. Considered the gemstone of the heavens, the sapphires’ deep blue color is set against the silver and white of the ocean and the sky, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

The number of sapphires is five, symbolizing the five cardinal virtues represented by the Phoenix―Morality, Righteousness, Propriety, Benevolence, and Faithfulness. In the historical text of The Book of the Mountains and Seas it is stated, “There is a bird in the shape of a chicken, with markings in five colors, whose name is Phoenix. The beautiful five colors of the Phoenix represent the five virtues”, which shares the core concept of the NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant.