Dear Prospective Contestant,

Welcome to the First NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant!

Participating in a pageant can alter the course of a woman’s life and send it into thrilling new directions. Competition, regardless of results, is an excellent opportunity to connect with others and forge new bonds. Throughout the process, you’ll build character and poise, and practice carrying yourself with grace and speaking with conviction. But that’s only the beginning.

You’re a unique woman, and this is a unique pageant—you’ll get even more from it than you expect. Everyone participating in the NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant brushes elbows with traditional Chinese culture. With its nurturing values, pure beauty and innate kindness, traditional Chinese culture have enriched the lives of all humanity. Some don’t realize that China’s authentic civilization reaches 5,000 years, but was almost lost in recent times.
It is a culture filled with color, beauty, enchantment, virtuousness, and divine inspiration. The Chinese dynasties were some of the most prosperous and culturally rich periods in history, especially the Tang Dynasty, from which NTD (or “New Tang Dynasty”) drew inspiration. Through this event, you’ll have the chance to integrate the majesty and wisdom of this timeless culture and the finest modern practices into your daily life. The NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant creates a supportive community for women who are interested in exploring their passion, share their stories, and make a difference in the world. Through this event, you will:
  • Build confidence
  • Develop a level of discipline needed to achieve high goals
  • Improve verbal communication, time management, and goal-setting skills
  • Appreciate the values behind Chinese heritage
  • And much more…

Please remember that you’re not in this alone. We are here to guide you through each step of the competition.

 Your next beautiful and fulfilling inner journey begins now. I can’t wait for you to start experiencing and enjoying everything we have on offer during the very first NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant.


Lucy Zhou
Managing Director
The First NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant

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